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Empty Mornings

Every morning while I drink my coffee she’s here. Asking my opinion on her hair, clothes and makeup – even when she knows she’s not going to change her clothes if our opinions don’t agree. Every morning she’s here getting ready for school, even those nights when she slept at her father’s the night before. She’s here every single morning. But not this morning and not tomorrow morning. My house is so empty this morning without my baby girl and all of her energy and big smile. Right now she is probably giggling with her girlfriends, hiking Mt. Cardigan, eating gorp, talking about boys, singing songs, having a wonderful time. That is my wish, well maybe not so much the boys part, that can wait. I am going to hear countless stories of all kinds of fun hiking, camping, friends, food and more when I pick her up from school tomorrow afternoon. She’s only away two nights on an 8th grade field trip. I went away for a whole week when I was in 5th grade. Was my mother feeling this way? I have realized what a sap I am going to be when she graduates highschool and moves on to college or elsewhere. Am I going to be one of those moms that calls their kids every day? Or am I just missing her so much right now because I CAN’T talk to her? I mean, it’s not like she’s never been away from me two nights before. It’s not like she’s never gone two days without calling before. She sleeps at her father’s house three nights every other weekend and I don’t always hear from her. I must admit, the texts from her on those weekends of “goodnight I love you ; ) muah xo” melts my heart. She’s 13 years old and growing up so fast. I will be sure to let her know how much I appreciate our time alone together in the mornings, just us girls getting ready for the day. I will continue to catch every kiss she blows my way and blow kisses right back. I will always miss her no matter how far away, no matter how long she’s gone. She will always be my baby girl.

10/19/16 Mt. Cardigan, Here she comes!
Lurgio Derby Day 9/2/16
12/15 before school selfie silliness
in Miami at the Dolphins game!

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