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Love you forever


When I was little Meme took me to the movie theater to see the movie Annie. It was one of my favorite movies from that moment on and every time it came on tv after that she would turn it on and we would sing along to all the songs. She even bought me the special Annie locket necklace. Yesterday was Meme’s funeral and since saying my final “I love you” on Saturday and her passing on Sunday, Mother’s Day, to the wake, the funeral, everything, it has not been easy on any of us. I have a million and one good memories to hold in my heart. So do my children who are so fortune to have spent so much time with their great grandmother.

On the other side of things, I am relieved to never have to see certain people ever again in my life. As bad as that may sound, people who only think about themselves, make stories up to harm others, start fights for no reason at inappropriate times/places to bring attention to themselves, talk about people behind their back…those are not good role models that I want my children around. I do not want my children to think it is ok to let someone walk all over you, talk badly about you/your loved ones and then be friendly with them, or think that I am ok with my aunt and uncles still being friends with someone who was abusive to me in the past and is still harassing. That’s not family! My husband and I are bringing up FOUR respectful, wonderful children. We had good role models and we aren’t perfect but we do our best.

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